Saturday, September 13, 2008

Triton Island

Triton Island is one island of Paracel Islands, .The island is also claimed by Vietnam.

7 points on Zhongjiandao are the baseline points of the Chinese territorial sea.

* Zhaoshudao(1)15? 46·5'N111? 12·6'E
* Zhaoshudao(2)15? 46·4'N111? 12·1'E
* Zhaoshudao(3)15? 46·4'N111? 11·8'E
* Zhaoshudao(4)15? 46·5'N111? 11·6'E
* Zhaoshudao(5)15? 46·7'N111? 11·4'E
* Zhaoshudao(6)15? 46·9'N111? 11·3'E
* Zhaoshudao(7)15? 47·2'N111? 11·4'E

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