Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zhoushan Island

Zhoushan Island is the principal island of the namesake archipelago Zhoushan Islands, governed by Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, the People's Republic of China. Its name means "Boat Mountain", because its shape. It is the province's largest island, and China's third largest . The island is the district seats of both and Putuo.


At 30° N. 122° E., it lies northwest to southeast, and has a circumference of 170.16 km , with a maximum length of 44 km , and a maximum width of 18 km . Its area is 502.65 km? . At its closest point, it is 9.1 kilometres from the Chinese mainland. The tallest point is 503.6 metres.

The island is beautifully diversified with hill and dale, and well watered with numerous small streams, of which the most considerable is the Dongjiang, faffing into the harbour of Dinghai. There are several hundred ports around the islands, separated into three areas: Dinghai Port Zone, Shengjiamen Port Zone , and Laotangshan Port Zone . The tourism regions include the regions of Chengjiamen and Dinghai.


440000 people, mostly , in 150000 households live in the following 17 subdivisions of Dinghai and Putuo Districts are on Zhoushan Island:


The peak of Qinglong Mountain has a memorial tablet dedicated to revolutionary martyrs. Dinghai has a number of sites related to the Opium War:
* Opium War Memorial Park
* Temples of the Three Loyalists
* The Tablet of the Martyring Site of Lord Yao
* The Tablet of the Martyring Site of Mr. Li
* Zhengyuan Cannon Platform
* Daotou City

There also those about the - contention:
* Tonggui City
* The Well of Imperial Consort Yuan of King Lu

Other sites include:
* Zuyin Temple , from 940年
* San Mao Memorial Museum

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